Partying in Ibiza for “Older” People

If you’ve never been to Ibiza, then you’ve likely heard stories about its sensational, sunny beaches, the leisurely, laid-back atmosphere, and that it hosts the world’s best nightclubs. We can happily tell you that all the rumours are true. Ibiza is a vacationer’s paradise for the young AND old. And by “old” we’re including everyone over 35 because while the clubbing lifestyle lends itself to the younger crowd, there are still many places to party for the mature set who can appreciate the sheer spectacle of entertainment that Ibiza is known for. Just don’t forget your wallet.

To see the clubs, sunsets, and beaches in full force, check out our trip video below! It starts with footage of our lovely villa we rented which was on the north end of the island in San Miguel. It’s a half-hour cab ride to the clubs, but worth it if you prefer to stay away from the party scene.

1. Monday nights at Pacha

Regularly described as one of the best, if not the best club in the world, Pacha is famous for House Music but features several rooms with different musical styles and a rooftop terrace. The reason Monday is the night to go for the 35-and-up crowd is because it tends to be a little more eccentric and a little less mainstream. In 2014 when we went, Mondays were taken over by Ibiza Rocks House, a party “filled with surreal performances, fabulous characters and unexpected yet unforgettable moments.” The pillow-fighting furries in bunny costumes and the aerial acrobat with a spotlight attached to her butt made for some very memorable moments indeed! The set was also awesome featuring Tiga, Felix da Housecat, and DJ Pierre. And the sound system was amazing because while you could feel the bass pounding in your chest, you could still hear each other talk. When we finally left around 5 a.m., we were satisfied that we had just attended the best party of our lives!

But it wasn’t until we returned to Pacha on Wednesday that we realized why Monday is the best. We wanted to see a superstar DJ while we were there, and Steveaoki is one of the most successful in the biz. And while it was a great show to watch, the problem is that that’s all anyone did. The age group was at least 10 years younger that night and watched the whole show through their phones. No one was dancing, except with their free hand, though that may be because it was also rammed so tight you could barely move. We had heard it’s the same with every big DJ in Ibiza, so if you really need to see a superstar like Steveaoki or David Guetta, be prepared to stare at them through a thousand phones filming the whole thing.

This year Mondays at Ibiza is Flower Power, a 60s-inspired hippy jam-fest “that defines the spirit of Ibiza with a totally unique atmosphere to almost anywhere in the world and is sure to leave with unforgettable memories.” Sounds very groovy, baby, YEAH!


  • Buy tickets online in advance for around 40€ as opposed to around 70€ at the door of most of the big clubs
  • Arrive before midnight to avoid lines, but some clubs might feel a bit empty at that time
  • Bring your credit card! A bottle of water could cost you up to 8€, beer will cost you 8-12€, and a cocktail 15-20€

2. Bora Bora

partying in ibiza bora bora club

A very happy gent getting his groove on at Bora Bora Ibiza.

Sure we love clubs and EDM, but we also love beaches and the sea and open sky, and Bora Bora is all in one! This day club that parties into the night is absolutely for everyone, every age, every body type, every individual. Feel like dancing? Jump on the tables or hang out on the dance floor. Feel like chilling with a drink? Grab something from the bar and find a chair on the beach. Feel like just standing around and people-watching and plane-spotting? You can do that too! It’s a cool place to meet people from all over the world while breathing in the Mediterranean sea air and feeling the island party vibe.

(You’ll see a lot of footage from this and other clubs in our trip video above, including Evan and Bryan at around 4:38 doing a second shot of absinthe! Rob joined in the first one, thinking the pretty green shot that Evan handed him was something fruity like a melonball but nooope! He then decided to film the fallout from the second shot, hehe. Also, the title of the club section in the video is “Tonight … is Pacha” because we had the same cab driver two nights in a row and the first night he drove us to Sankeys, and we told him the next night we were going to Pacha. And when he picked us up the second night, he smiled and sensed our anticipation and excitement, raised his fist in the air and said, “And tonight… is Pacha!” It was a great moment.)

3. Sundays at Benirrás Beach

drum circle Benirrás Beach ibiza

The drum circle at Benirrás Beach drumming down the sunset.

While not a club spot per se, Benirrás Beach is still a great place to party, especially on Sundays when drummers descend on the beach to drum down the sunset in an “iconic hippie ritual.” This might be our favourite place on the island to watch the sunset; the mass of drummers, the people having a great time, and the gorgeous setting combine into one authentic beating heart.

TIP: arrive early as it gets very busy close to sundown, and leave early to avoid the crowd exiting the parking lot.

4. La Luna Nell’Orto

La Luna Nell’Orto ibiza

La Luna Nell’Orto with Bryan’s brother, Evan, and our friend, Yulia.

For those who want to keep their partying in Ibiza to a low, romantic simmer, La Luna Nell’Orto is a restaurant and live-music space nestled into the hills of San Miguel. The building is 600 years old and the current owners have done an excellent job maintaining the history and environment while offering a unique and modern dining experience. Enjoy a scrumptious meal beneath a canopy of branches from a 100-year-old fig tree and then retire to the couches to watch the moon and hear that evening’s local band.

5. Café del Mar

Café del Mar ibiza

Watching the sunset from Café del Mar

Another option for a low-key “party” vibe without the club setting is the iconic Café del Mar. Backed by serious(ly) chill beats, it is arguably the best sunset beach bar on the island, though several have popped up along this strip since it’s 1980 opening. Sharing a pitcher of sangria with friends overlooking the gorgeous Mediterranean while hearing a skilled DJ accompany the setting sun is the ultimate Ibiza experience and is easy to underestimate. Relaxed, yet invigorating, it’s much different than a hopping dance club but just as impactful. But when you’re wrapped in its energy, Ibiza is transformative no matter the setting, and you will never forget her.

Do you have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

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