The TripDinks are Rob Moore and Bryan Jones: two gents from Toronto who love to eat, travel, and occasionally bust out a yoga pose on the beach or the side of a mountain.

Ok, I’ll stop writing in the third person. Rob here. I’ll be writing most if not all the articles on this blog. Bryan’s got a full-time job, see, a 9-to-5 desk job with a yoga gig on the side whereas I’m the part-time fitness trainer, cat dad and blogger who works mostly from home and, even though I probably work more hours in the day than Bryan, am expected to have dinner on the table when he gets home. I wonder if he regrets letting me be the main writer here yet?? That’s him in the pic above, by the way. Yeah, he’s pretty amazing.

BJ’s been pushing me to do a proper travel blog for years. He’s actually the brains behind the whole operation, planning the majority of our vacations and even coming up with our name, TripDinks, after conversing with his stepdad about our DINK-status. Yes, it turned my head too, and then he explained it. In case you missed the fine print, that’s Dual Income, No Kids, meaning that because we’ve got no kids, a lot of our income is freed for other things instead of raising children. That’s about the only thing stereotypically gay about us, as you won’t find us on Grindr or cruising gay bars in your city. Oh wait, drag queens.

But the simple act of not having kids doesn’t make one rich, which we are definitely not. But we certainly travel like we are. We don’t usually go on the easy holidays, the all-inclusives, or package deals. Bryan manages to find exceptional deals in spectacular places that allow us to experience the local culture and fend for ourselves while having the time of our lives. Everyone asks us, How do you do it? This blog is the answer.

With TripDinks, you’ll learn how to dive in to adventure and luxury without roughing it or having to spend a fortune. I love nature but I also love indoor plumbing, and thankfully, BJ plans trips with that in mind. And you don’t need to be kid-less to vacay like we do, but come on, you need a break too. Leave the kids at home and travel like a DINK!

While we, well, I, get this blog up and running, you’ll see the posts jump around from place to place a bit while the blog is populated. But I hope that I’ll get things organized into proper vacation guides so you can flesh out your holiday, share your experiences with us, or just sit back and enjoy our stories. We also want to hear from you! If you’ve got tips, questions, suggestions, or comments, please post on the articles or on social media. The only way to experience the world is by connecting with the people and places within it, and we can’t wait to meet you 🙂